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Your Commercial Roof Needs Attention

KH North Country Builders located in Shawno Wisconsin  715-851-5664

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KH North Country Builders is a Conklin dealer. The Conklin Company introduce elastomeric coating to the Roofing Industry 40 years ago; in 1977 this concept changed the Commercial Roofing World forever.

Conklin Roofing Systems

How would you like to enjoy a complete return on your investment?  Since Conklin introduced their White Acrylic Roofs over 30 years ago, customers have enjoyed lower Utility bills.  Their building are staying cooler and essentially putting more "green" back in the pockets of building owners like you.

KH North Country Builders delivers unsurpassed quality to their customers, by using Conklin Roofing Systems.

Leak Proof:  Your entire roof is protected by a durable, water proof finish.  Conklins 100% Acrylic & VOC Compliant coating and prevents the leaks that occur at the seams most times.

Cost Efficient:  It definitely costs less to repair any roof thank to replace it.  so if you don't tear off your old roof, there are no waste disposable costs - so it saves you money; plus your equipment and inventory is never exposed to any elements.

Energy Savings:  Who doesn't like to save money on their Utility bills?  With Conklins Roofing Acrylic Coating System, it will keep you building cooler.  It will also reflect up to 85% of the Sun's UV rays.

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Spray Foam

Conklin's spray Polyurethane foam (SPF) System is an awesome way to provide you with a high grade insulation.  With an insulation value of R-6.5 per inch of thickness.  During the restoration process we insulate the entire roof at a minimum thickness of 1", then it is sealed with a reflective finish coat.

Foam Roofing

Metal Restoration

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This system is completely a Water Proofing Systems for metal roofing.  It stops leaks, inhibits rust and provides an energy efficient, long lasting attractive finish coat and it will extend the life of your roof for years to come.

Membrane Roofing

Membrane Roofing

This roof is made with a premium Thermoplastic Membrane.  As we install this we roll out the membrane to make sure that it overlaps and is welded together to form an exceptionally durable water proof energy-efficient shield that will surely deliver protection for years to come.

Fabric Reinforcfed

laying membrane

The Fabric Reinforced roofing system will give your Commercial roof trouble free protection.  By using an Acrylic Coating, which is a tough, flexible fabric is embedded.  Since we use the combination it will make a rugged but light weight membrane that resists rupturing and splitting - as this is the primary cause of leaks.  And we definitely do not want leaks.  This will also help strengthen your roof, and extends its life expectancy, and increase the energy efficiency of the building.

Contact Us:

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If your Commercial Roof is leaking, or you need a new Commercial Roof in and around Shawno Wisconsin just give us a call 715-851-5664 and we will gladly come out and give you an estimate to either replace or put a new Commercial Roof on for you.

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